Our mom was here for a month in Jan/Feb and we were very satisfied with the care - she's home now but we couldn't have managed without the nursing and rehab personnel here after her surgery at Huntington Hospital - we're really thankful! The remodeling has only just been finished so we endured some disturbances during that work, but the results are great! Really surprised to find somewhere this nice in our neighborhood.

To whom it may concern, I would like to thank everyone who has helped me during my time here at Highland Park skilled nursing center. I especially like to thank Alejandra (Kitchen), Victoria (Rehab), Brianna (Nursing), Carlo (Nursing),  Jimi (Social Sevices), Chris (Admissions), Duane (Administrator), Irvin (Case Manager), Angie (Medical Records), Egyptian queen (Romina), John (Rehad), Zenni (Nursing), Jossie (DON), Bambi (Nursing), Ed (Nursing), Max (Nursing). My stay here has been incredible due to the staff that have provided excellent service. Thank you all again